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Every story has a start! This one started in 1965, the a Fresno Genealogy group wanted to start a society in Fresno , myself and My wife Beverly & 3 other ladies from the LDS church met set up the buy laws ,after not to long the group was large enough to meet and share stories with each other. At the very first we met at a well educated genealogist home , here she had a large genealogy library , her name IS Lydia M.C. Caully. I was one of the first presidents. Lydia taught us how to get started ( boy where we dumb ) .Get all the information from living relatives. Like a copy of a family note book , my first was here , At this time Raymond Daly & his brothers Frank & Art Daly where partners. As you read more of this story you will see several errors in Raymond's letter.

Ray Daly Letter

Ray Daly Letter Continued

Bernard Daly

There are not to many soldiers that have a movie of their Service Record made, as did Bernard Daly. Bernard drafted in 1942 served in Saipan , was wounded on Purple Heart Ridge, for which he received the Purple Heart. After recuperating he was engaged in the taking of Okinawa as a Medic. The movie is called ( Hacksaw ridge by Mel Gibson), The movie is an exact copy of Bernard Daly’s service record.

Memo for Frank Daly Families from Cousin Art Daly Jr.

Dear Cousins

Kay ,Noonie , Francie. We have never met one on one ( what a shame ) & their children. I want this to be my tribute to my loving Uncle Frank Daly. I first saw uncle Frank in a store in Bakersfield about 1938, my next encounter was in 1944 , when uncle Frank loaned my father Art Daly $ 5000.00 to buy the Oildale locker plant in Bakersfield Ca. It was 1947-48 Frank Daly offered Art Daly a store in the bay area ( Army base of some kind ) this deal fell through & so the San Jose store came up. At this time Reymont Daly came into the picture, after his service he operated the mill Valley Meat Market. At this time the Daly brothers would meet at Mill Valley every Monday to talk business. Frank , Art & yr. Ray. At this time the Park Merced store was in the making . At this time the Art Daly Son. & Jr. operated 2 stores in San Jose. It was not long before the Salinas Store became open, at witch was when Ralph Lightner became part of the Daly Stores. Ray moved from Mill Valley to Salinas At sometime in this time period William Daly became the liquor manager for Uncle Frank in Park Merced. In later years the Salinas store was to be Art Daly Sn.. When this occurred we opened the Vallejo Store at which Raymond took over & Ralph Lightner became his manager . All the time the Green Stamp issue was involved in the operations in all Stores. Some time later we obtained the Concord location ( this operation did not last long as the Mayfair Markets Took over because of the Green Stamp issue for some reason I don't know .there was a time I don't know the details but we had a chance to take over 10 store over night fell through 7 elven . the down fall of the Daly stores occurred when One Peter Takes ( original loan operator ) Fail to keep up payments that had been paid to him over the years to the loan company. As all the Daly’s where tied together one went down they all lost there Stores. The Daly boys went their separate ways.. In the beginning at my San Jose Market. L Loved it when Uncle Frank would visit my Meat Market. I always had every thing up to stuff, so he would be proud of me,

Great man he was.

His leadership in business was unequaled by anyone, I feel he was the backbone of the Daly Families. I’m sure he would approve of the Daly History books. So that all the future Daly descendants would know about their ancestors. I have put together one called Daly History it can be seen on the Webb at Daly History , it contains over 345 pages of written stories & over 500 photos of Daly descendants. At this time in 2017 I feel I have got as much Daly history from USA , but feel there are many Ancestors in Ireland that need to be uncovered. Then ,so I took the challenge to research the records of Baptisms& Marriages in Ireland, I started in the Parishes closest to Westport & fanned out in the area toward Dublin in covered about 8 Parishes. When I first started as I read the pages ,the info meant nothing as I hadn’t copied it. So I cut & pasted the info. As time went by ( hours at a sitting ). All the information was interesting but no Dates for any of our families. Now many months later I have read over 600 pages of microfilm and not a positive find yet, Many people could be ours but not enough to say it is the years pass by more will be available ,this information will help someone someday to match our Daly Families. That is why at a future date I will put these 300 pages of Baptizems & Marriages on the Web for future Families to research.

What is in the Baptisim and Marriage book?

Contents of next book. While looking for our unknown family members still in Ireland I researched 6 to 9 Parishes in Ireland. At present I have found zero perfect matches ( many possibilities but no cigar). I feel there are many Daly relatives that are still in Ireland, I collected over 600 pages of Marriages & Baptizems & copied them for your future research. I put this collection here for new Daly’s to find your Ancestors

You can download copies of his books he has put together below.

He has two books "Daly History" and a "Marriage and Baptisims" which includes hundreds of records to help others. He would hope that his book and the information he has collected will help as many people as possible to find their genealogical roots.

Daly History is 319 MB So it may take a bit to download. Marriage and Baptisims is 7.08 MB

After you have read this if you have anything you think needs to be redone or reworded in any part of book please enclose ,in a reply. This would be a good time to add on any new relatives not included or up date of person. If you have family not receiving this note be sure they get a copy. Note it has been hard for me to try and not overlook something that should be covered, your imput is wanted on any site. Remember my cause is to have info for our future family . Love to all.

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